Electrical Home Buyers Mortgage Surveys Leeds & Surrounding Areas.

When it comes to buying a house most of us have to get a mortgage on the property, you will notice that the bank request a home buyers electrical survey on the property you are considering

buying. Why is this ? why do i need a home electrical survey on a house before i buy it ?

The answer, many reasons, mainly the bank want to secure their investment when they lend you money to buy a property.

this means the bank want to make sure the wiring, electrical mains, connected electrical equipment of the selected property is in a good standard and not likely to burn the property down!

A rebuild cost on a house that has had an electrical fire is quite high and it not only affects your house but if it has a joining on property the chances are this would become damaged too.


This is why a home buyers electrical report in Leeds & surrounding areas is critical in the early negotiating stages of buyiong a property.

The key benefits to having a home electrical survey completed are you get to see the state of the properties wiring as the report is conducted by qualified electricians in Leeds.


My reports are in length and in depth, we leave no stone unturned in the property. We examine the wiring, its age, the socket and switch outlets and the connected equipment for functionality, age, wear and tear and include all this information in our home buyers electrical reports. We include photographs and a written report seperate to the certificated report which shows the pictures and costings of anything which is wrong, sub standard or outright dangerous, we even include the decoration patchup costings because all house rewires require plaster patchup rectification in the event that extensive electrical works are required following a in depth electrical home buyers report that identifies such electrical systems requiring replacement.




Electrician Leeds 0113 3909670 | 0770 3020260
Electrician Leeds 0113 3909670 | 0770 3020260

Call us today to book in your in depth Home Buyers Elctrical Survey Report in Leeds & Surrounding areas, we are the home buyers mortgage report specialists 0113 3909670




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