Replacement RCD Fuse Box

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Fixed Price RCD Fuse Box Installations for Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, York & Harrogate. 10 Year Certificated warranty & guarantee.

Fuse Box Certification

All Fuse Box Replacements come with a Electrical Completion Certificate & A Part P building control certificate. Basically a safety certificate for the property.

Replacement RCD Fuse Box Installation Leeds

Replacement RCD Fuse Box Leeds MPS Electrical Ltd 0113 3909670
Replacement RCD Fuse Box Leeds MPS Electrical Ltd 0113 3909670

What Fuse Box does MPS Electrical Ltd Recommend

We always recommend the RCBO Fuse Box, why ?. Because if one circuit trips off it remains on one trip device only as opposed to the dual RCD fuse box where 4 or 5 would be isolated until the fault on the offending circuit is located and rectified.

How Do I Know If I Need A Replacement Fuse Box?

All Houses now need to have RCD protection which comes with modern Fuse Boxes, the Fuse Box also needs to be metallic and fire rated unless in a non combustible enclosure, give us a call and we can advise you but generally if your current fuse box looks like the one below you will know.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Fuse Box

The whole process can take up to a day, fitting the fuse box can take anything from 2 to 3 hours and then a further 2 hours on site going around all the circuits and testing the installation which is mandatory so the certificates can be filled out correctly. Every fuse box I replace always comes with the certificate, i see so many customers that never received a certificate for the process.

Testing of Installations

We Inspect & Test all your property electrics whilst conducting the Fuse Box replacement to ensure safety as standard and the certificates we issue you have all the test results of the installed cabling recorded on the certificates.

Fuse Box Warranty

All Fuse Box Replacements come with a comprehensive 3 year parts and labor warranty. We fit quality fuse boxes and not cheaper models which we found issues with over time.