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Electrical Home Surveys before you buy your home.

Do not be caught out buying a home without first having one of our electrical surveys conducted on it. We could potentially save you the price of a full house rewire in Leeds and this can be costly anything up to £5000 pounds on the average 3 bed semi detached house in Leeds.

Let me tell you what happens when you have a standard survey on a house you are buying in Leeds.

The surveyor visits the property and visually glances over the electrics, this means looking, not taking sockets and light switches off, checking the state of the wiring underneath. They are not trained as electricians nor electrical inspectors therefore cannot touch the electrics in the home they are surveying. Out dated electrics such as electrical mains arrangements, the wiring underneath can go unnoticed and usually do until we get called in and perform a electrical inspection home survey in Leeds.

We charge a fixed price for a indapendant electrical survey, my surveys are renowned for the depth and quality that we go into, we take photographs and provide you with not only a certificated report and a written report with prices to rectify each item, each issue we have located within your potential new home.

Why sign on the dotted line for a home that you may find out needs a full five thousand pound rewire on afterwards ?

Could you afford that after you have spent all your money on buying the house, removal fees, solicitors and estate agency costs ? Why should you pay for a home that needs a full rewire when you can get this off the price of the house before you sign for it!

This is where we come in, contact us today on 0800 7797472 if you are buying a house and need a electrical home survey by a dedicated specialist electrical surveying team that conducts electrical surveys in Leeds, Electrical surveys in York, Electrical surveys in Harrogate and Electrical surveys in Wakefield.

Like i mentioned before we uncover a multitude of poor covered up outdated DIY electrics in Homes in Leeds – Wakefield – Bradford – York & Harrogate, things the home owners cover up and things they are unaware of completely, why get bitten by a costly home rewire when you can get all this completed before you move in with the added bonus of it not costing you a penny!

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