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Electrician Garforth
Electrician Garforth

installation Condition Reports Garforth | Landlord Checks Garforth |
EICR Garforth | Home Electrical Surveys Garforth | Electrical Mortgage
Surveys Garforth.

Electrician Garforth LS25

Part P Approved Electrician Garforth

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Hi, Welcome to MPS Electrical Garforth Electricians page.


Our Services

Here at MPS Electrical we offer a wide
range of services including: emergencies, replacements, rewires, alarms,
surveys and inspections. We serve Commercial, Industrial and Domestic
client”s in Garforth Leeds 25 that cover all aspects of Electrical
Installation & Maintenance work In Garforth.


  • Replacement RCD Fuse Boxes In Garforth
  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports Garforth.
  • Electrical House Rewires in Garforth
  • Intruder Alarms Garforth
  • CCTV Garforth
  • Landlords Surveys Garforth


MPS Electrical Ltd are approved Part P City & Guilds 18th Edition Electricians In Garforth Leeds.
Apprentice trained electricians with experience in fault finding and
domestic installation works. All our staff are experienced tradesman
with over 20 years experience in the electrical industry.


We conduct emergency electrical call outs in Garforth and operate a
24 hour emergency electrician Garforth service for when you need us the

Electrical Inspection & Testing Garforth
We offer electrical inspections in Garforth and surrounding areas. All our work is fully covered & insurance approved.


An Electrical Installation Condition Report and test in Garforth
including about 30% of accessories removed for visual inspection will
take at least 3 to 4 hours for and average 3 BED HOUSE. Then another 2
hours to fill in certification and report. Any one who says they will
inspect 100% of accessories is most likely lying so will probably also
be cutting corners on the testing. And anyone doing this work for less
than £100 is NOT doing it properly. This work should cost about £100 –
£110 for a sole trader or £150 – £190 for a larger company but will vary
depending on how much time is needed on site. Basically as with most
things in life, “you get what you pay for”. Unfortunately a lot of
landlords just want ‘a piece of paper’ at the least cost. I’m afraid
that with the advent of part ‘P’ and all these ‘Testing specialist’
companies springing up there are a lot of cowboys about. Stick to a
registered person or company (you will then have comeback if a problem

  • Landlord checks Garforth
  • EICR Checks Garforth – Electrical Installation Condition Reports Garforth
  • Commercial Inspection & Testing Garforth
  • Industrial Inspection & Testing Garforth

Electrical Inspection & Testing Garforth

There is little point in setting up Regulations to control the way in which electrical installations are designed and installed if it is not verified that they have been followed.

For example, the protection of installation users
against the danger of fatal electric shock due to indirect contact is
usually the low impedance of the earth-fault loop; unless this impedance
is correctly measured. this safety cannot be confirmed. in this case
the test cannot be carried out during installation, because part of the
loop is made up of the supply system which is not connected until work
is complete.

In the event of an
open circuit in a protective conductor, the whole of the earthed system
could become live during the earth-fault loop test. The correct sequence
of testing would prevent such a danger, but the tester must always be
aware of the hazards applying to himself and to others due to his
activities. Testing routines must take account of the dangers and be
arranged to prevent them. Prominent notices should be displayed to
indicate that no attempt should be made to use the installation whilst
testing is in progress.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports Garforth

The following tests are carried out:

Visual inspection of fittings
Continuity of earth conductors
Continuity of ring final conductors
Installation resistance
Earth loop impedance
RCD test

Maximum Period Between Inspection & Testing As Necessary based on the type of installation

– Change of Occupancy / 10 years / Rentals 5 years

– Change of Occupancy / 5 years

Educational Establishments
– 5 years

– 3 years

Places of Public Entertainment
Petrol Filling Stations
– 1 year

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