Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse Box

Does your current Fuse Box look like one of these?

What you see here are typical 1960's Wylex fuse boxes with rewirable Fuses. This type of fuse box is not RCD Protected & the fuses do not blow at the stated current carrying cpacity. ie a piece of 30 amp fuse wire may take double the amount of current before it blows.

MPS can upgrade your mains distribution for a fixed affordable price. All circuits have to be tested and will be inspected to make sure all is in good working order. MPS will then issue a certificate which has to be a Electrical Installation Completion Certificate accompanied with a schedule of test results and a schedule of inspections.
If you have a replacement mains board then it must be accompanied with a Electrical Completion certificate. This will have a schedule of inspections & a schedule test results along with a front page that the Inspector signs. No certificate, Not done properly.

Completed Fuse Box Replacements

Complete Fuse Box Replacement
Complete Fuse Box Replacement
Complete Fuse Box Replacement
Complete Fuse Box Replacement
Complete Fuse Box Replacement
Dual RCD Edition Fuse Box

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MPS Install and replace both single and three phase distribution boards in commercial or industrial sectors.


Relamping refers to the replacement and cleaning of lighting components and fixtures including lamps, ballasts and diffusers, such as acrylic lens and parabolic louvers. Relamping is employed in almost every industry sector but schedules relamping is more often used in multi-site situations in retail, commercial and industrial buildings, more specifically, stores, showrooms, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, warehouses and factories. This is undertaken to ensure optimal lighting and energy efficiency. As part of this relamping service, MPS is always looking to improve the energy efficiency of the lamps and lighting systems used. 

There are two types of re-lamping carried out by MPS, Group Relamping which is the relamping of an entire area, floor or building and Spot Relamping which is relamping as needed of only spent lamps and ballasts Spot relamping is most frequently used, but group relamping can be more cost-effective and energy efficient and better employed by companies wishing to utilize the latest energy saving devices.

Our relamping services include:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the original lighting design to its specification.

  • Replacing lamps and ballasts to ensure optimal light per kilowatt of the unit.

  • Recommendations for energy savings lighting solutions.

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